Targeted Market and Customers
The target market is high end renovations. The client base consists of owners working with architects incorporating very specific design concepts. Our clients seek the same building precision that is devoted to their design. The materials used are often chosen by the designers and in many cases are unique to the project.
The high end renovation market is characterized by a close working relationship between the architects, the owner, and the contractor, that allows for any necessary design development once the project is underway.

Growth Trends in This Business
The high end renovation market experiences fluctuations that mirror the general real estate market. Although the effects of the current housing market are more noticeable with respect to middle and lower priced properties the current conditions are having a lesser effect on the high end market. Traditionally as cost of purchase for high end properties declines, owners are able to increase spending on renovations. In turn, S. David Contracting is less susceptible to overall fluctuations in the market primarily because the company does not over staff.
The influx of the Euro into the US economy also means that there will be a continued market in New York City for high end renovations and high end real estate purchases.

Pricing Power
Because Mr. Snyder has been doing this type of work for so long, he has built many meaningful and trustworthy relationships with subcontractors. This trust translates into an honest pricing system, minimizing contractor based extra fees often generated during a project. Initial pricing for the project can then be relied on by owners as an accurate estimate based on the bid set of drawings and specifications and current market prices.

The Vision and the People
Building a home that is both artistically inspired and creatively designed is truly an exciting and rewarding experience. It involves the coordination of many intricate pieces that need to be fitted to bring the project to completion. A well-executed project schedule marries the elements of design and detail-oriented construction to transform a house, into a home that the owners are proud to live in.

Computer and Communications Tools
Each project is equipped with a computer, internet access, fax machine/printer and telephone for quick communication between the architect, the owner and the site supervisor. It also allows the site supervisor easy access to the home office and the Production Assistant either through telephone or internet.

Business Organization
Stanley Snyder oversees the office operations and acts as the Project Manager overseeing the site supervisor. Mr. Snyder also operates as CFO overseeing the Office Manager and the Production Assistant. Each project is entrusted to a site supervisor who has a lead carpenter who is responsible for the daily construction of the project. This is either accomplished with S. David Contracting employees or a subcontractor. All trades, other then carpentry are performed by subcontractors contracted to S. David Contracting.